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Corrine + Anthony (Part I)


Corrine + Anthony officially tied the knot on November 7th, 2020. The reason I say this film is only Part 1 though is because (as I’m sure you can guess) due to the current pandemic they decided to postpone their wedding until next year… But this wasn’t going to stop them from making it official this year.

Like many others, when Corrine pictured her big day she envisioned all her closest friends + family packed on the dance floor, enjoying some food and drink and just celebrating the love. Well, we’ve beat the “2020 is the worst” horse to death, and instead of letting that completely deter her plans… They decided to have the ceremony with a limited amount of guests and save the big party until next year.

On the day, I was excited to be with my good bud B. Medeiros Photography and even though we didn’t get to go inside (ya know… a pandemic and all) it was nice to be back at the Aldrich Mansion again. I’ve always loved this venue and their grounds (and can’t wait to be back next November).

First looks are seriously the BEST DECISION YOU CAN MAKE on your wedding day. Not only is that moment great (see the video example below) but you get most, if not all your pictures done and out of the way so you can be more present on when everything pops off. Also considering it snowed the day before Halloween, this November day was perfect weather!

Then off to St. Kevins Church where they married the heck out of each other before greeting all their guests, and that was it for the day (but not before stealing some amazing sunset shots in a church parking lot on the main road).

I know, normally this is just the halfway point and theres a rager after… but that will have to wait till next year. I am so frickin excited for this November… The thought of filming the first half of the day one year, and the other half a year later is really interesting to me. My mind is already working on ideas for the edit and playing with time… This is going to be so much fun.

Corrine + Anthony | Part 1

I can’t wait for the sequel