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Carrie-Anne + Garrett


Get yourself a crew like this… Just sayin…

Carrie-Anne + Garrett had some of the worst luck getting married. On top of a pandemic, they had to move their venue (almost multiple times), it rained (a lot), and did I mention Garrett broke his leg and was in a boot and crutches all day? Oh yeah… The DJ didn’t show up and these are just the things I was made aware of. It shouldn’t be this hard to get married.

Throughout all of this, I’ve never seen someone more chipper throughout the day. She was finally getting married. It was her day, and nothing was going to stop it.

I met Carrie many years ago when she was a bridesmaid at another wedding (shoutout to Danielle + Alex) and she made it known that when it was her turn to get hitched, I will get to witness it and help tell the story.

When it became obvious the wedding wasn’t going to be exactly the way she had pictured, we were chatting about ideas on how to reimagine the day. She initially wanted to do a first look and asked if I had any location ideas and my response was “What place is meaningful to you?”. She said there was a farm right near her house where they take their pup for a daily walk, it sounded perfect… Until Garrett broke his leg and couldn’t walk. Oh yeah and the rain!

They ended up doing their first look at the Providence Public Library which was a solid choice, but since she sacrificed so much through this entire process and was still happy as a clam, I wanted her to have more… She deserved more.

After their beautiful vows and “less than ideal but still perfect” reception I gave her a choice.

1.) Edit the film with the footage from the day (business as usual). OR…

2.) We wait a little while until Garrett’s leg is healed, and we go to that farm and get some shots of them in their environment… Their special place.

No more boot for this guy!

I am so happy they chose the latter… This edit was so much fun to play around with and I am in love with the end result. Thank you two so much for letting me ride with you on this part of your journey together and I can’t wait to see what comes next for you two!

Check out these rad humans crushing the heck out of a pandemic wedding!

The awesome team behind this beautiful day…

First Look Location | Providence Public Library

Reception Location | Waterman Grille

Photographer | Emily Elisabeth Photography

Make Up | Martha Suszylo

Hair | Kayla Resendes